"We're out. Standing. In our field!"

Mandy Barton


I’m here to increase the good of life around me.  Our company values are my personal values.  I am relentlessly driven to provide avenues for my team, myself, and my community to find success and thrive.  I have a core belief that people are huge and I do not play to their smallness.

My chief responsibility here is constantly creating “what’s next” for us and enrolling my team in it.  A company that is not growing, is dying.  Growth of the company requires growth of its people.

The best thing about this company is our team who demands more from life, and from themselves.  They create and stand for our culture of personal growth and it is the reason we are successful.  Every time a team member, carrier, or customer hits a goal – be it personal or professional, my dreams are coming true.

Life really is Better with Barton.

Jennifer Evans


As the controller, I am responsible for Banking, Accounts Payable, Carrier Settlements, Customer Accounts Receivable, Claims, Payroll and HR.

I love my job here at Barton Logistics because my team inspires me to be more than I ever thought I could.  They changed my way of thinking and outlook on all aspects of the life around me.  Growth is endless now!

Employment at Barton Logistics has provided me with various avenues to develop as a manager, participate as a parent in all of my child’s functions and spread my wings into an active community member!

Michelle Grant

Carrier Development Executive

I love being able to meet new people and build relationships beyond the transaction.

Being an operations coordinator/carrier development at Barton Logistics I work with dedicated and non-dedicated carriers; planning their weeks and assisting other carriers in becoming dedicated to help match their needs. Building relationship with a win for both the carrier and Barton Logistics.

Barton has allowed me to meet and build lifelong relationships between my co-workers, carriers and customers.

Armando Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Out of the many things I love about Barton logistics, my favorite one is the family essence of the company. We stay true to our values and expect nothing less from our coworkers. My purpose is to help others achieve their  possibilities and goals. The best way for me to help is by learning and improving myself. Barton Logistics has impacted me tremendously since I’ve started. Barton has open doors for me both personally and professionally. Barton Logistics makes me feel like I belong.

Katy Taylor


I enjoy being able to meet people and grow relationships that reach beyond the transaction.

Being a part of the Customer Service/Barton Support/Appointments team has given me opportunities to grow as a person in new ways that I did not realize were possible. I work with customers, shippers, and receivers to set appointments for our carriers to help make the transition of freight as seamless as possible. Building relationships with customers and shippers has been a very rewarding part of my job.

Working here at Barton Logistics has helped to give me the confidence to move forward with setting and achieving goals, and working in a capacity that is fast paced and exciting. Having a team of people all working together to bring the best service possible, and who are supportive to the team as a whole and to the individuals is amazing, and it really shows in the dedication we have to our work, and making  life better with Barton.

Zen Trevino

Vice President of Operations Support

As the Personnel and Process developer, I am responsible for the design and implementation of many of our core processes, new hire onboarding/training, continuing education, quality control and risk mitigation.

In my life as a husband, father of 3, and my role here at Barton Logistics it is important to me that my core values mirror my employer’s and that’s EXACTLY what led me here. At Barton Logistics, we do what we say we’re are going to do, NO EXCUSES.

My Core Values:

People – People are important, it’s through investment in them that we change transactional relationships into transformational ones.

Service – Anyone can provide a service, but without Quality, Excellence and Execution you won’t be building sustainable relationships.

Professionalism – As mom always said “First Impressions Matter” and professionalism goes right along with it.  “You got one shot, so make it count”.

Integrity – We’ve all taken our share of nicks and bruises in life, it’s how we handle them that defines our character.


What defines you?