Video Production, Travel Agencies, Music, Publishing and Newspapers… all of these industries have something in common—none of them wanted to address the changes that were coming. Now, whether we accept it or not, the trucking industry is facing the same degree of change as those who came before us.

Autonomous trucks, web-based platoons controlled from your high-tech office, changes in size, shape, fuel consumption… and that’s only the beginning. So how can we be smarter than those who came before us? How can we seize the opportunity, rather than try to avoid it, because let’s face it, we may as well embrace it—change is coming.

There’s a lot of information out there that can lead to a lot of conclusions. Change is a word that leaves a lot of people worried or scared. But why? Change is how our world improves; it’s how we grow. So let’s take a look at some of the possibilities and even some of the questions that are presenting themselves in this new path.

As we explore, consider the impact of what our world looks like when all of our vehicles are autonomous. Not just trucks, but cars too. Think about rest stops, gas stations, traffic law enforcement, towing… what will these encounters look like? Does this mean a truck driver can drive a platoon of 7 trucks from a desk? Life on the road may turn into life at the office. How will a driver of one truck, who is now a driver of seven trucks, price his service?

These and many more questions are what we’ll be tackling in the next six blogs. This is Barton Logistics Talking Tech. And we hope you join us on this road into the future with the windows down and your mind open. Because at Barton, we believe life can and will get better if you never ever quit, and if you always learn and grow. Look for our latest posts, buckle up, get smart and get excited!

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