Medina, Texas is a little rustic town that lives right next to the cowboy capital of the world, Bandera, Texas.  Complete with landscapes and neighbors that would make you wonder why you dont live there already, it exudes the kind of warmth and charm that we at Barton swear you can only find in the Texas Hill Country.  From admiring an old rusty tractor to using the gas pumps from 1960’s at The Old Timer, Medina holds a special place in our hearts for the old stuff. So, if you like history, youll like this edition of Talking Tech.  Ready?

If youve read our other Talking Tech blogs, youre in the loop on the exciting things approaching our civilizations horizon. As exciting as it is to think about where were going, where we came from is just as important.  We learn from our past to grow into the future.  In that spirit, we thought this would be a good time to look back at some of our favorite innovations and awesome old stuff that has paved the way to where we are today, and most importantly, has kicked off where were headed.

Lets talk about some of the inflection points of humanity.  One of our favorites is the story of the steam engine and its impact on the way we live, work and travel. As a transportation company we cant help but love the impact of the industrial revolution.  This was the first time in history goods were able to make it quickly and reliably across land without the sweat of a beast or a man.

Then came the automobile.  Before this innovation, peoples lives were limited to a 10-15 mile radius.  Once the automobile became attainable for the average Joe. Civilization and all that it encompassed grew exponentially. Travel changed the way people learned about life and each other.  Experiences and exploration for the common man became possible.  For us at Barton Logistics, we love that this also opened up endless opportunities for farmers since they, at last, could easily ship their goods outside of their smaller communities out into the world.  

These leaps in history inspire us, especially because we can taste it in the air that another inflection point is upon us. What will it be? Where will it take us? Well continue to explore the possibilities and Barton Logistics will keep pace. Because when we embrace technology that makes life better, thats just another way to say Life is Better with Barton. Thanks for taking a second to appreciate some good ol fashioned transportation history as we look back in excitement to look forward.  See you next time on Talking Tech.  And take a minute to look back at where we came from.  Its an exciting future we live in, and theres only more to come.