We’ll be there for


no matter what.



You have enough things to worry about. Delivering your goods shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why finding the right supply chain partner is so important.

At Barton Logistics we treat every delivery as if it were our own – because in a way, it is. We understand the importance of every load because, like you, we’ve been there. And because of that, we care.



Success happens through partnerships, through relationships where people respect and care about each other. And as a carrier for Barton Logistics, you are as much a part of the team as the in-house staff.

Follow-through, genuine effort, and loyalty are the reasons Barton stands out among the rest, leading to great working relationships and solid communication for each job over the long-term.


Trading Partners

Barton Logistics knows the value of specialized expertise – from systems and software to providing prompt payment to carriers. You are an important member of our team. A team that makes life better for carriers and customers at every turn. And for you, too.

Our growth means that when you work with Barton Logistics and deliver on your promises—just like we deliver on ours—you can grow right along with us.

Some of our local flavor…



One of our many backyard neighbors.


Time to see the best of the Angora Goat Show!
Local Rancher

Local Rancher

It’s a beautiful day to support our local ranchers of all ages.
A Big Fan

A Big Fan

One of Barton’s favorite fans, enjoying Medina countryside.
Fellow Freighter

Fellow Freighter

Some like trucks; some like mules… still a fellow freighter all the same!


One of the team’s favorite places to volunteer.


We love Medina so much, we adopted part of it.


Gotta love that rusty charm, y’all!

“We work relentlessly to build alliances with our customers and carriers that stand the test of time. We throw away excuses and, instead, find solutions.” – Mandy Barton, President


You Can't Fake This

You expect relentless follow-through, and we deliver it. We’ll check, double check, and triple check the progress of a load—no assumptions. We use strong business processes in combination with reliable load tracking, leading edge technology, and B2B integration, which leads to one thing…confidence.

Life is Better with Barton

In an industry where people seem to make a lot of promises, it’s nice to know there is one transportation company that actually keeps them: Barton Logistics. Since 1997, Barton Logistics has dedicated itself to making everything and everyone they touch better.


“What separates the good carriers from the bad is their response once an issue has arisen. Thank you for all your hard work to ensure we received this load.”
Latasha Wiliams
Goodman Manufacturing Company
“Barton has provided an outstanding service. They are extremely supportive in our needs and are always there to help. The customer service support is wonderful. I would recommend Barton to all. Barton is on the top of our list. Keep up the fantastic work.”
Heidi Julian
Bettcher Manufacturing
“I would openly recommend them for their flexibility, integrity, and customer care.”
Doug Knupp
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.
“It is so nice to work with kind people. It does make our jobs so much more enjoyable. Barton Logistics is a top-notch logistics provider for us. We enjoy working with you and look forward to many more interactions. Thank you for the kindness and friendship. Jody was full of fun and energy when he answered the phone. 🙂 I love that!

I also looked over your website last night. I was impressed. I love the warm town feeling it portrays. Your people also show that kind of warmth. I enjoyed looking at the people, goats, horses, and fun signage. You portray a great bunch of people to work with that are service oriented from 4-H to volunteer fire fighters. We need more of those kinds of people in the service industry. The products we move make America productive. Thank you for working with us. Job well done!”

Natalie Simmons
Cargo Express