We Know Call Centers.

Barton Logistics started as a freight dispatching company and quickly realized that we were so much more. Focusing on data driven metrics, Barton became a performance centric Call Center.  With a core tenant being “We respond to all communication”, Barton Call Center applies this principle with our clients every day.

Services include:

Our services encompass a wide range of deliverables spanning many industries.  We have supported manufacturing and logistics relentlessly for two decades and utilize that proven track record to continually expand into new sectors. We offer exemplary response times, extraordinary customization as well as turnkey products, superior professionalism, and a broad base of supportive services. From inbound receiving to outbound placement, SMS, VoIP, email, relay, and overflow handling, we are transparent and efficient. We successfully collaborate with our customers to bolster or replace customer service or cold-call solicitation, on-call or comprehensive coverage, and take pride in developing layered and redundant systems that are customizable to exceed our customers’ needs.

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Let us take care of your call center needs, and together we can achieve your company objectives.