Don’t Get Mad; Just Start Your Own Company

Mandy Barton experienced it one time too many: a freight broker that let her down, that said he could handle her tough cargo needs only to find he couldn’t or wouldn’t. Instead of getting mad, she decided to start her own company. In 1997, Mandy left her job and started Barton Logistics on the simple premise that she could be successful if she just didn’t quit.

A go-getter with drive and determination, Mandy had the knowledge and the experience, and because of her trials as a customer of transport services, the secret to success. So she put up her tiny life savings for a broker’s bond, and with her headstrong determination, along with her parent’s dining room table, Barton Logistics was born.
It didn’t take long before those early customers realized that Barton Logistics was different. They followed through on every detail and were on top of every issue. Freight transportation is a tricky business and Mandy knew it inside and out, so she was able to show her customers ways to save money, maximize loads, find the fastest routes and deliver on time, no exceptions.

Eventually, Mandy began hiring a team of people who believed as she did: that working with Barton should make life better for everyone. It was a simple premise that has taken the company far.
Today, Barton Logistics is still making life better for customers, trading partners, employees, and their community. They are committed to growth and serving more customers while keeping their culture decidedly small-town, personal and neighborly.
The company has come a long way since its days on the dining room table and today has global customers, state-of-the-art technology systems and solid financials, but in many ways it is quite the same. Its people and its values are deep rooted; that hasn’t changed, and that’s the way Barton Logistics wants it to stay.

Better Because…

You have choices. Lots of them. But consider these reasons why Life is Better with Barton.

Our Mission

Always be learning, giving, and growing.

Our Vision

To increase the good of life around us, starting with me.

Our Core Values

  • Seek Solutions – Anyone can point out problems. Find solutions.
  • “Own It” – Be accountable to the outcome.
  • Grow Relationships – Beyond the transaction. Go for long term.
  • Demand More from Life and Yourself – Insist on your own growth and development.
  • Celebrate the Now – Every day has at least one win, so find it and share it.
  • Never, Ever Quit – See it through.

Barton Fun Facts

  • Barton Logistics is headquartered in Bandera, Texas. That’s “Ban-Tuck-Ee” y’all.
  • The company’s first office was in Mandy’s parent’s dining room. Second office was in a small storage room in her parent’s car wash.
  • Most used statement in the office, “Got it covered!”
  • Strangest noise you will hear at Barton Logistics? Max the Donkey braying outside in the pasture behind the office. Second strangest noise, Vic Nance imitating Max’s braying.
  • 294 million pounds of freight, moved annually…and growing. That’s as much as 980,000 average NFL linemen, 73,500 Ford F-150’s, and 300,000 head of Texas Longhorn.
  • Over 12 million miles traversed, annually…and rapidly climbing. That’s more than 96 billion Lone Star long necks run end-to-end, 25 trips to the moon and back, or 482 times around the equator.
  • The strangest cargo ever hauled was shoes – with people still in them! Fool us once…
  • The most important cargo hauled is food for the poor in support of the country’s largest non-profit food bank.
  • The first load hauled by Barton Logistics was a load of canning jars out of Indiana.