Barton Employment Opportunity

For Full-Time employment opportunities available with Barton Logistics, please email your resume to

Join the Barton Team

Family Values. Professional Team.

Are you someone who values honesty and loyalty? Who lives your life by making promises and doing whatever it takes to keep them? Do you want to be part of a family-oriented team that works together to produce great results for our customers?

Then Barton may be the right place for you. The Barton team genuinely cares about the people they affect. We work together with respect and collaboration to solve problems, communicate clearly, help each other, and provide the best in the freight transportation business.

At Barton Logistics we have earned an outstanding reputation in the industry since we began and we continue to work with respect, collaboration and a mind for solving problems. That keeps our reputation growing and thriving and our company, too.

We are careful about choosing the right people to play on our team. And that applies to our in-house professionals, our carriers and our sales agents who represent Barton in the market.

Our Team Ethos


When I give my word, I keep it. I work with excellence, transparency, and honesty. I live by the professional standard that is Barton Logistics: I never ever quit on myself, my team, the customers, or the carriers.


I build relationships with my teammates, customers, and carriers. I spread optimism and am considerate of all the people I interact with, so that transactions become friendships.


I agree to; develop my skill sets; embrace new experiences; pursue educational opportunities; and improve the systems and processes I use. I take risks, rise to challenges, and own my results. Whether I fall down, fall short, or achieve success, I am smarter and wiser in the end.


Conflict happens and how I respond to it matters. I communicate with honesty, avoid gossip and am open to others’ views. I address issues before resentments set in and feelings get hurt. I stand for my team members’ success.


Where I am won’t be where I’ll stay. “Good enough” isn’t in my vocabulary although “continuous improvement” is. Customers, carriers, and the employees of this company depend on me. I grow our relationships, capabilities, and responsibilities. I drive success for myself and the company.


I am more capable than I believe I am. I will become more extraordinary than I can distinguish being today. By bettering the lives of the people around me, spreading enthusiasm, and overcoming challenges, I create a better world for myself, my team, and my community.


A willingness to grow personally is the only requirement for beginning here. I exercise my dream muscles, make plans, work them and believe that I can do anything. It’s ok to want, but infinitely more rewarding to achieve.