Files.  First they accumulated in filing cabinets, on shelves or maybe in stacks all over your desk.  You saw a little bit of virtualization in action when files became floppy disks, then stored on a disk drive and as cute little icons on our computers.  The future of technology is approaching the kind of stuff you’ve only seen in sci-fi movies and television shows.  And who would’ve thought one of the first places we’d  see the future is in an office setting? What’s this exciting new technology? Virtualization, and at Barton Logistics, we’re on it!  Here is what’s happening. 

The way we share and store information has a bigger impact on our daily lives than you might realize.  In logistics, we’re excited about our ability to transport information, with just as much impact and just as efficiently as the way we transport dolls from America’s largest toy manufacturer to America’s largest retailers for Christmas.  To us, getting arrival times, position updates, orders, driver messages and support to the drivers, shippers and retailers, is just as important as moving trucks full of dolls across the U.S.  And both go hand-in-hand.

You’d be surprised what kind of information goes into getting those dolls in happy children’s hands.  It’s the magic of shipping.  And for us over here at Barton Logistics it is exciting to make it all happen.  From driver screening, to finding the right kind of insurance, to security, to quality assurance… Our top of the line, cutting-edge technology is what makes these transactions fast and efficient.  Transporting dolls or anything else from point A to point B means that there’s an unfathomable amount of information flying through the ether.  How much information? Well, there’s more all the time.  You may have heard of megabytes and gigabyte, terabytes , those are so 20th century. Now, there’s a new one.  The Exabyte.  In addition to disk drives getting bigger and servers getting faster there is another form of virtualization that allows for our storage to expand. Imagine a server that grows as your e-mail inbox does. It expands with you. Now that’s something we can get excited about.

This means we can always be in the fast lane when sending information, which in turn means an even more direct way of getting those dolls in more kids’ hands.  As a consumer, that means more possibilities to make your life better.  The stuff you want is always available. As a carrier, you keep movin’ on the road with better, faster information. You stay busy doing what you do best. So yes, thanks to virtualization, Life is Better with Barton.